Our Green Activities include

We are trying to do our bit towards reducing the impact of humans on the environment. We use only energy-saving light bulbs. Please turn all the lights off when you leave your room and also please to not leave television's on in standby mode.

We have had all our radiators fitted with independent thermostat so you can adjust them to your comfort and please note that normally there is no heating between 11pm and 6am. If the heating is on and you wish to reduce the heat in your room then turn the thermostat down before opening the window so as not to end up "heating the garden". If you need any help please do let us know.

We compost garden refuse and feed leftover food to our visiting badgers (excluding tomatoes and grapefruit – very discerning our badgers). If you have leftover food that you do not wish to use please bring it to the kitchen.

We try to conserve water by using:- showers; low capacity dual flush toilet cisterns (or bottles in the cisterns) and water butts for garden watering. We endeavour to try not to wash your towels or bed linen excessively.

We hope you like these ideas and perhaps you can take some of them home with you. If you have any other suggestions then please do let us know. Whilst here may we suggest…………….

Be a responsible visitor

Here are 7 things you can do to help save the planet – you can make a difference

  1. Conserve energy -- reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if the heating is on.
  2. Give the car a rest -- leave the car behind, if only for a day. Walk, cycle or use public transport.
  3. Shop locally -- use local products, they give you a flavour of the area and help support local communities. (Buy real Cheddar cheese!)
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- try to avoid overly packaged goods and saying no to that extra carrier bag. (You will find recycled carrier bags for your use behind our front door). Try and recycle any waste you have. (Whilst here at Tordown please use the recycling bins also behind the front door).
  5. Be Water Wise -- please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and share our towel policies and other water saving initiatives.
  6. Respect nature -- help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly.
  7. Support green tourism business -- there are hundreds of businesses trying to reduce their environmental impact through the green tourism business scheme. Businesses are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold for their efforts to be more environmentally responsible. See www.Green-business .co.uk for more information.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and we are waiting our very first inspection. We are aiming for Silver and some tips to get us to Gold. It is really exciting when you get into the play of helping the environment especially when you start becoming aware of other businesses getting involved and you can see it expanding throughout the world.

Cheryl Penn
March 2010